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If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a crooked smile, we have some great news for you! At Bell Dental Group, you can straighten your smile with local orthodontic care. You don’t have to rely on “treatment” from a nameless, faceless provider through an online company. Plus, throughout the entire month of May, we’re holding a special Invisalign Event. Below are all the details:

  • Schedule your complimentary Invisalign consultation
  • We’ll match your Invisalign down payment up to $500 OR give you an Apple Watch Series 4 (you have to close on treatment by the end of our Invisalign Event)
  • If you move forward with Invisalign treatment the same day as your consultation, we’ll give you an extra 5 percent off (up to a $274 value)
  • Valid for new Invisalign patients/cases only (new and existing patients that have not formally met with the practice regarding Invisalign)

Bell Dental Group is a Premier Invisalign Provider, and we’re ready to give you the best teeth straightening treatment around. To reserve your spot, call our team today at 513-802-9440 or visit our special Invisalign Event page. We’ll set you up with a consultation to get you started on your beautiful new smile!

Enjoy All the Benefits of Our Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign has been straightening smiles around the world for over two decades. Using this innovative orthodontic system, our dentists offer you:

  • Individualized treatment that can be completed in as few as 12 months.
  • Care from experienced dentists who will monitor your progress closely and adjust your treatment as needed.
  • Comfortable plastic teeth aligners rather than metal brackets and wires.
  • Cozy touches in our office like neck pillows, soft blankets, and a beverage station.
  • Access to a professional dental team with decades of experience treating Cincinnati-area patients. We’re just a phone call or a visit away if you need us during your orthodontic care.

Trust a Local Professional For Your Orthodontic Care

Suppose for a moment that you don’t feel well. Your nose is stuffy, you have a nagging cough, and you feel achy all over. Generally, you just feel miserable.

You’re probably going to visit a good local doctor who can treat your ailments. You might do an online search, or ask a friend for the name of a good doctor, or even call the doctor’s office you pass by every day driving to and from work.

Here’s what you’re NOT going to do. You won’t seek help from a third-party company, who in turn contracts with a doctor who will treat you sight unseen.

Just as a doctor from who-knows-where can’t give you adequate treatment because they haven’t examined you, an unseen practitioner working with an online company can’t give you the same high level of orthodontic care that Bell Dental Group can.

You’re unique, with individual wants and needs. You deserve to have a dental professional give you a thorough examination, then recommend orthodontic treatment in accordance with the goals you have for your smile.

These online companies, or “orthodontics by mail,” offer prices that at first glance seem very attractive. At best, however, they are offering you discount service at discount prices.

They actually put you in charge of creating an impression of your teeth! That’s right. You’re responsible for making an accurate impression, then sending it to them to have your teeth aligners made.

That would be like a doctor having you take your own X-rays so that they can send you a cast to mend your broken arm! You wouldn’t dream of going that route for your medical care, so why would you trust your one and only smile to someone who has never laid eyes on you?

At Bell Dental Group, you’ll always receive the highest level of professional care. The Bell brothers, Dr. Chuck and Dr. Dave, have been taking care of Cincinnati smiles for more than three decades each. That adds up to many thousands of patients who have trusted their dental care to them and our dedicated staff.

Because of the volume of Invisalign cases we treat, we’re even recognized as a Premier Invisalign Provider. We’re in the top 5 percent of offices in the country in the number of cases that we do with Invisalign. You can trust that your orthodontic care will rest in experienced and capable hands with Drs. Chuck, Dave, and Ernst.

With us, you’ll always receive personalized, individual treatment. We’ll never look at you as just a set of teeth that need straightening. We understand that your smile is like no one else’s, and we’ll design a unique Invisalign treatment plan to fit your needs.

And with our limited-time Invisalign Event, now is the perfect time to get started on your orthodontic care. We’ll match your Invisalign down payment (up to $500) OR give you a new Apple Watch Series 4.

Plus, if you move forward with your treatment the same day as your consultation, we’ll take an additional 5 percent off the total. That in itself is another savings of up to $274!

Spots are filling up fast, so what are you waiting for? Enjoy high-level, local orthodontic care by calling us today at 513-802-9440. You can also request an appointment time online. Schedule your Invisalign consultation to create your dream smile!

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Straighten Your Smile With Local Orthodontic Care

If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a crooked smile, we have some great news for you! At Bell Dental Group, you can straighten your smile with local orthodontic care. You don’t have to rely on “treatment” from a nameless, faceless provider ...

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