Chuck L on his Veneer process

Well really we talked through different options, Dr. Chuck and I. The intent was to provide a natural smile. To provide something that would look good, but also something that would feel good in the mouth. Something that wouldn’t lead to any unnatural activity on my part. You know I still want to brush my teeth twice a day, I don’t want to have to do other maintenance activities. I still want to floss the same way. I still want to do those types of things. To try too keep my life as uninterrupted as possible. And at the same time, provide an outward appearance or perception of a naturally appropriate smile. And so, working together on that, we decided that that would be the capping process, or the capping activity to this whole long process, would be to go with veneers.

I used to always have my mouth closed when I smile, and now that’s not an issue anymore. I used to not feel real confident in the way my teeth would be colored. And I’m not saying I want to have the white bleach … I mean those look fake, right? I want a natural tone or color to my teeth, and I think we’ve accomplished that. Working together to ensure a natural look. Even now, a couple of years later after the veneers, or 18 months after the veneers, I still get compliments on my smile and not by folks who think it’s fake.

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