Glen W on on his dental work at Bell Dental Group

Well I’ve had, I think, sort of 10 dentists probably for over 6 different countries. So we’re living here at the moment in Cincinnati, and these guys are really good. I found them on the web, came in, had a consultation, and been coming back ever since. They’re always professional. They explain, you know, what’s going on, what one should expect, and the service is fantastic. The environment is great as well and Dr. Chuck, I mean, he is always spot-on. Always, what I like as well, you come in, you have a treatment, then the next day irrespective of how large or small the treatment has been, he calls you up, “Hey, is everything okay?” gives you his mobile number, you can always get back in touch with him. It’s very approachable, very professional.

At the moment I’m doing Invisalign and that’s been great. So it’s a fantastic service, I would definitely recommend it. It’s all about evening up my teeth and the gaps and everything so that’s really good. I’ve had a couple crowns down with him as well. In terms of the smile, we’ve had a couple of implants with him as well so all-around just a fantastic service. I think for me it wasn’t about a cosmetic treatment. It was about having great teeth that would last me for a long time and I won’t have any problems. So that was my main concern and the smile thing has sort of been an afterthought after he did all that initial work, so it’s been great.

I would definitely, wholeheartedly, 100% recommend their company here. You know, you’re going to get a great treatment. It’s going to be a friendly interaction both with the staff and with the doctors and I think overall it’s probably going to be the best investment you can make in terms of your dental health. So absolutely, I wholeheartedly recommend the practice and Dr. Chuck and the people here as well.

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