If you have missing or diseased teeth or have been putting up with the hassle of conventional dentures, then you need to know more about the wonders of modern dental implants. Bell Dental Group in Cincinnati, OH uses dental implants to give our patients back their smiles and help them eat with ease again.

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As a big part of our restorative dentistry services, teeth implants function as replacement tooth roots. Once we place them in your jaw and the healing process is complete, then your new implants make a base for a number of different replacement teeth options.

There are many great reasons why you are going to love getting new implants. Below are just a few of them.

Say Hello to Your New Smile

You have several choices when it comes to restoring your teeth implants. Our staff is happy to sit down with you and discuss all your options.

If you have a single missing tooth, we can top your implant with a beautiful porcelain crown to fill in your smile. It will blend in perfectly with your other teeth so that others will never know it’s not your original tooth.

If you have two or more missing teeth, then an implant bridge may be a good option. This dental appliance spans the space of your missing teeth, completing your smile and anchoring on both ends to implants.

Your new implant restorations will give you back a great looking smile, plus you’ll have about 90% of the biting and chewing capacity of your natural teeth back.

Say Goodbye to Messy Dentures

If you have been wearing conventional dentures for any length of time, then you’re probably well aware of some of the headaches associated with them.

Dentures are nice to help you smile with confidence and they make it easier to enjoy eating again, but for many people these advantages come at a price.

Our patients often tell us they’re tired of wearing standard dentures because of fear they will slip out of place when talking, eating, or laughing.

We love telling these patients about dental implants because it means they can give up loose, floppy dentures in favor of more stable teeth replacement options secured with durable implants.

With implant restorations you can enjoy life more without constantly worrying about loose dentures. You can eat what you want and talk as much as you want without fear that your teeth will fly out. All without the messy, bad-tasting goop of denture adhesives!

Keep Your Jawbone Healthy

Missing teeth cause your jawbone to slowly deteriorate. Even if you have traditional dentures, the same thing is true. The reason is that our jawbone needs tooth roots to stimulate it to keep producing new bone material. Without tooth roots, the bone slowly melts away.

Over time, bone loss will actually change the shape of your face, leaving with a “sunken face” look. Have you ever run into an acquaintance you haven’t seen in a while and they look much older than they should? A sunken face caused by jawbone loss makes you look years older than you are!

However, since teeth implants act as replacement tooth roots, you will not experience bone loss like you would with missing teeth or even traditional dentures. Your jaw will actually be healthier and stronger with implants than they would otherwise.

Not only will implants help fill in your smile and give you back your capacity to enjoy more different types of foods, they also help you look younger and more robust!

Enjoy the Durability of Implants

Unlike other types of dental restorations, your dental implants can last many years. In fact, research shows that 95% of implants will last 20 years or longer.

If you’re used to conventional dentures or bridges that give out after a few years, you will love how rugged dental implants are. Rather than needing replacement after five or 10 years, you can relax and experience all the benefits of dental implants for two decades and longer!

With your sturdy implant restorations, you can enjoy your new smile, feel more self-confident, and eat your favorite foods without worry for many years. Implant-supported replacement teeth are the closest thing to your natural teeth available today!

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