A Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

Our experienced team will do everything we can to help you maintain your natural teeth. With a root canal, you may avoid having a tooth removed. A root canal usually becomes necessary when tooth decay causes a cavity so deep that the decay begins to infect and inflame the soft tissue and nerves (pulp) inside a tooth.

Before we begin repairing your infected tooth with a root canal procedure, we will explain each step of the process. Here’s what to expect:

  • Using our advanced computer-assisted anesthesia delivery system, we will comfortably numb the area so you won’t feel a thing.
  • We will remove the infected pulp and clean out the inside of your tooth.
  • We will then fill your tooth with a special rubber-like material to seal it and help prevent reinfection.

Depending on how weak your tooth has become, we may recommend attaching a dental crown to strengthen it. A crown will provide a finishing touch to your root canal repair and will restore virtually all your biting and chewing capacity.

Don’t believe what you’ve seen in movies. Thanks to modern dental technology, root canals are no more uncomfortable than a tooth filling. That said, if you are nervous, we can help relieve your dental anxiety with our dental sedation options. Choose from inhaled sedation with laughing gas or oral sedation using a small, FDA-approved pill.

Say goodbye to dental pain with Cincinnati root canals from Bell Dental Group. Call us today for an appointment: 513-802-9440 . You can also schedule online.