Is Invisalign better than braces? For lots of folks, including many of our patients at Bell Dental Group, the answer is yes!

We treat so many folks with Invisalign in our Cincinnati, OH office, we’ve been named a Premier Provider. You can count on our experience to get a beautifully straight smile!

To see if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign treatment, schedule a FREE consultation. In the meantime, check out four reasons these clear plastic aligners are so popular:

  • Work in Less Time Than Braces – With braces, people spend up to three years with a mouth filled with metal brackets and wires. In contrast, most adults complete their orthodontic treatment with Invisalign within 12 months.
  • Can Be Removed for Meals and Oral Hygiene – It’s tricky eating many kinds of foods with braces, not to mention cleaning them afterward. To lessen the hassle, many people just skip certain treats. You remove Invisalign aligners for meals, so you can eat anything you want. With no hardware in your mouth, it’s also easy to keep teeth clean.
  • Are Practically Invisible in Your Smile – The clear aligners fit snugly over your teeth. They are so unobtrusive that most people probably won’t even notice you are wearing them.
  • More Comfortable Than Braces – With no metal wires or brackets to rub against your mouth, aligners are less likely to cause sore spots or other discomfort.

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