Have you scored an important job interview? Did you receive a last-minute invite to a big party? If so, you want to look your best! That includes your smile –which is the feature that many people first notice about you. Fortunately, at Bell Dental Group it’s possible to make your smile look better in just one visit.

Call us today to schedule a consultation. One of our dentists will help you determine which services will provide the results you want in the time you have before your occasion.

Your options for quick cosmetic treatment include:

  • Whitening Your Smile – You’ll have your choice of a whitening treatment in our office or one you can use at home. But for the fastest results, you’ll want the in-office whitening. Your teeth will get several shades brighter in about an hour.
  • Getting Gorgeous Gums – If you show more gums than teeth when you smile, you may feel pretty self-conscious about it. Luckily, our dentists can quickly and comfortably remove excess tissue with a safe dental laser. The laser can also easily correct an uneven gumline. Best of all, no incisions are needed.
  • Covering Up Smile Flaws – A simple application of composite resin (the same material used for tooth fillings) can conceal imperfections like minor chips or cracks, small gaps, and stubborn stains. Your dentist carefully applies the resin, then cures it with a special light. That’s it! If you have more time and want longer-lasting results, ask us about dental veneers.
  • Making Small Changes to Tooth Shape – During a teeth contouring treatment, your dentist removes a tiny bit of tooth enamel to eliminate minor chips, smooth out an uneven edge, or change the appearance of a misshapen tooth. Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, your results are permanent.

Want to make your smile look better in one visit? Call Bell Dental Group at 513-802-9440 to schedule an appointment in Cincinnati, OH.