Whether you are rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals or another favorite team (we won’t tell), your tailgating party is likely going to be filled with tasty foods like burgers, ribs, chips, or crackers. Even though these foods taste wonderful, it’s also important to bring foods good for your teeth. Doing so helps you balance out the tasty treats that aren’t so great for your oral health.

So, plan ahead and bring a few of our teeth-friendly recommendations for your tailgating party list:

  1. Crunchy vegetable platters
Crunchy vegetable platters

Crunchy vegetables act like floss for your teeth and scrape away plaque, bacteria, and debris. Also, they’re packed with nutritious vitamins that strengthen your gums and improve your overall health too!

  1. Grilled or barbecue chicken
Grilled or barbecue chicken

Instead of beef, grill chicken or make barbecued turkey burgers for a healthier protein. Both of these types of meats contain phosphorus which helps strengthen your tooth enamel. Plus, chewy foods like this can strengthen your teeth.

  1. Vegetable skewers
Vegetable skewers

Another great way of serving more vegetables at your tailgating party is by making vegetable skewers! You can stack on healthy veggies like onions, bell peppers, and potatoes – all great foods for your teeth! Just be sure you don’t overcook them, otherwise you miss out on some great health benefits.

  1. Fruit and cheese board
Fruit and cheese board

Both fruit and cheese are great for your teeth! Fruits also help clear away bacteria from your mouth, while cheese increases your saliva production which is essential to your oral health.

  1. Healthy dips
Healthy dips

It’s hard to resist snacking on chips and crackers, so make sure you get a good protein boost with healthy dips like hummus or greek yogurt-based dips. Plus, chickpeas are rich in folic acid which encourages cell growth throughout your body, and greek yogurt is rich in calcium, which strengthens your tooth enamel.

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