You may not be able to justify making the investment for custom-made clothing. While it looks great, you can usually find off-the-rack clothes that fit well by trying on lots of options. But a custom athletic mouthguard is something you can – and should – invest in. It is much more affordable than a tailor-made outfit. And you can’t try on store-bought mouthguards until you find one that fits you well. 

We are happy to fit you for a custom sports mouthguard in our Cincinnati office. Call us today at 513-802-9440 for an appointment. In the meantime, check out five reasons a custom-made guard is superior to one purchased from a store:

  • Fantastic Fit – We take dental impressions that are used to create your mouthguard. The result is an appliance that fits perfectly. It’s more comfortable, so you won’t be tempted to skip wearing it. And it’s less likely to get knocked out of your mouth if the action gets intense. 
  • No Need for Adjustment – Store-bought mouthguards require you to use a “boil-and-bite” process before the first time you wear it. The idea is to submerge it in boiling water, then put it in your mouth and bite. Not surprisingly, this often results in an unsatisfactory fit. 
  • Meet Established Standards – The quality of store-bought guards, like most merchandise sold in stores, is going to vary. You’re never really sure of what you’ll get. Our mouthguards meet stringent standards established by the American Dental Association and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for Athletic Mouth Protectors and Materials.
  • Our Team’s Expertise – Different sports require different levels of protection. With their experience, our team can ensure your mouthguard provides the right one. 
  • Durability – Our mouthguards are made of materials designed to last. Did we mention that the quality of store-bought guards varies? 

In addition to athletic mouthguards, we offer custom-mouthguards you wear while sleeping to prevent teeth grinding. This habit can cause jaw pain and headaches and damage your teeth. 

Want to see the difference a custom mouthguard can make? Call Bell Dental Group at 513-802-9440 to schedule your appointment.