Stress might begin as an emotional response to difficult circumstances, but it will always find a way to reveal itself physically somewhere in your body.

And your mouth is no exception.

Without realizing it, for example, you could be clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth as an involuntary reaction to tension in your daily life, and that can lead to worn-down, damaged teeth.

You might also suffer the consequences of chronic stress in your smile due to a weakened immune system that isn’t able to effectively fight off oral infections.

If you think the pain in your jaw, face, neck, or head might be due to stress, don’t let it harm your smile! Visit us to find out if you could benefit from a custom oral appliance that prevents clenching and grinding and alleviates the pressure being placed on your jaw joint.

Check out today’s video to hear more about TMJ problems and what we can do to help.

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