Advantages of Our Invisalign Treatment Over Orthodontics by Mail [infographic]

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If you’re like most people who are dissatisfied with their crooked smile, you’re looking for personalized orthodontic treatment. Would you settle for medical care from a physician thousands of miles away whom you’ve never met? Probably not.


So, why trust someone to straighten your teeth who has never seen you or looked inside your mouth? But that’s what you’ll get if you use the services of one of the online teeth aligner companies being heavily advertised right now.


However, Bell Dental Group in Cincinnati will treat you as an individual – not just a set of teeth that need straightening. Our experienced dentists and friendly staff will work with you hand-in-hand to transform your smile into a work of art using the time-tested Invisalign system.


We’ll deliver you personalized orthodontic treatment with superior results to those online companies. Call us today to schedule your Invisalign consultation: 513-802-9440. You can also use our online form to make an appointment. Check out the infographic below to learn a few of the many advantages that our Invisalign smile care gives you.

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