We’re happy to celebrate Dental Implant Awareness Month this September! Why are implants so important that they have a whole month dedicated to them? There are many answers to why we and our patients believe this is the best teeth replacement in Cincinnati. For starters, dental implants:

  • Are the only tooth replacement that preserves your jawbone
  • Are made to last a lifetime
  • Feel and work like real teeth
  • Don’t slide out of your mouth or have to be removed for cleaning
  • Help you look younger
  • Allow you to eat what you want, improving your digestion and overall health
  • Don’t make noise when you speak but rather help you speak normally

There are so many more reasons, too! Find out if this is the best teeth replacement for you when you take our quiz below. Then, request your free consultation when you call us at 513-802-9440 today. We’ll discuss your results together and determine a plan to help you regain your smile.