As parents, we have to take care of our children’s teeth just like we take care of the rest of their body. If they are sick, we take them to the doctor, and twice a year we make sure they get to the dentist for regular checkups.

Many parents may not be aware, however, of some important children’s dental care facts. These can be overlooked in the fast pace of everyday life trying to raise kids.

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Bell Dental Group in Cincinnati, OH wants to make sure parents have all the knowledge needed to properly care for their kids’ teeth and smiles. With that in mind, here a few facts about children’s teeth that you may not know.

Pacifiers and thumbsucking can cause significant problems with teeth alignment.

Many kids find comfort in sucking their thumb or keeping a pacifier in their mouth. Parents sometimes encourage these behaviors, not realizing that these habits can create real orthodontic issues with incoming adult teeth.

If your child won’t give up their pacifier or thumb, get an orthodontic pacifier. These have a nipple with a rounded top and flat bottom so that they fit the shape of your child’s mouth. Using these special pacifiers can help reduce the need for braces or other orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign.

Fruit juice, infant formula, and even breast milk can cause cavities.

None of these beverages and foods are harmful in themselves. The problem comes in when children are allowed to fall asleep with a bottle or sippy cup in their mouths. Sugars in these liquids give bacteria something to feed on and develop decay-causing acids.

Avoid leaving your little one with access to a bottle or sippy cup for extended periods of time. Try an orthodontic pacifier or an empty bottle if they need soothing.

As soon as your child’s teeth come in, you should brush them regularly to prevent decay. In addition, we recommend scheduling your child’s first dental visit at age three so we can check their teeth and gums. When they come in, we’ll give them a tour of the office and show them some tools of our trade. Kids love that!

Among children ages 2 to 19, about 20 percent of them have untreated cavities.

Parents are often not aware of how easily tooth decay can get a foothold. Cavities left untreated can pose significant problems for kids. Decay can progress past the stage of needing a simple tooth filling, to where root canal treatment is required to save the tooth and get the child out of pain.

Routine dental checkups twice a year will help prevent decay and keep your child’s teeth clean and white. At each visit we will do a complete examination of their teeth and gums to look for decay and other problems.

We will also thoroughly clean their teeth, ridding them of harmful plaque and tartar that can cause gum disease. These visits will greatly reduce the chances of decay harming their teeth.

Now that you know these important children’s dental care facts, call our friendly office to schedule an appointment for your child: 513-802-9440 . You can also use our convenient online form.