No one should ever be embarrassed to speak, laugh, or smile in front of other people.

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident enough to be who they are.

With unsightly dental problems, though, we understand why this feels overwhelming, and maybe even impossible.

But that’s not the case when you put your smile in the hands of our capable, experienced dentists at Bell Dental Group!

As we all embrace another gorgeous fall season here in Cincinnati, OH, we want to encourage you to imagine a new season for your smile!

Cosmetic Makeover: A New Season For Your Smile!

With our advanced technology and variety of restorative and cosmetic dentistry services, there’s almost nothing we can’t achieve when we work together to make your dream smile a reality!

A cosmetic makeover is a comprehensive plan designed with your unique dental needs and goals in mind so you can share a healthy, beautiful new smile with the world!

*Restore Your Teeth & Restart Your Oral Health*

Before you can get cosmetic dental treatment, we need to restore your oral health.

This won’t apply to everyone, but it’s common for patients to have cosmetic flaws with their teeth and gums as a result of dental problems they’ve faced.

So we would perform any restorative treatment you need before we beautify your teeth, such as:

*Replace old, dark fillings with tooth-colored fillings.

*Treat tooth decay or cavities you may currently have.

*Strengthen weak, worn teeth with dental crowns.

*Treat infection with gum disease treatment or a root canal.

*Replace missing teeth with dental bridges or dental implants.

Once we get your oral health back on track, we can begin improving your smile’s appearance!

*Change Your Smile, Change Your Life!*

Of course, you want your mouth to be healthy, but once you’ve achieved that, you may still have a few cosmetic problems to address.

When we know more about the vision you have for your smile, it will guide the preparation of your individualized treatment plan to bring it to fruition.

Here are two examples of how we would use cosmetic dentistry to makeover your smile:

*FLAW – Teeth Stains & Minor Damage*

*SOLUTION – Teeth Whitening Or Dental Veneers*

If your teeth and gums are strong, healthy, and otherwise visually appealing, teeth whitening treatment may be the only step left to take for a new smile!

It’s simple and affordable, yet it goes a long way in improving your overall look and boosting your self-esteem. Our powerful, trusted whitening systems will radically brighten your smile so it looks as healthy as it actually is.

If, after restorative treatment, you have more complicated flaws, like misshapen teeth, gaps, or cracks and chips on your tooth enamel, dental veneers would be the more appropriate option.

Bonded over your problem teeth, veneers hide these flaws, as well as protect your teeth from future damage. They’re also resistant to stains, so you don’t just have a pristine smile, but a radiant white smile, too!

*FLAW – Crooked Teeth & A Gummy Smile*

*SOLUTION – Invisalign & Gum Reshaping*

This time next year, your crooked teeth will look beautifully and properly aligned with Invisalign therapy. Rather than brackets and wires, this treatment uses clear trays to correct the position of your teeth so it’s less conspicuous and more comfortable! Top it off with gum reshaping to move your gumline up and make your teeth look longer. Then treat yourself to teeth whitening treatment after your Invisalign therapy and gum reshaping treatment are complete!

Start With A Consultation!

You deserve to look great and feel great, which is why a cosmetic makeover can make such a profound difference in your life. It’s a chance to begin a new season, all because you can let go of the insecurity or shame you’ve felt about your dental flaws.

When you catch a glimpse of your beautiful, healthy smile in the mirror or feel proud of the bright, flawless smile you’re flashing in photos, you’ll feel confident and free to pursue other dreams and goals you’ve set for yourself.

Discover the far-reaching benefits of a great new smile with help from our team at Bell Dental Group!

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