You know that you should visit the dentist. It’s just …

… you’re really busy right now.

… you don’t have any pain, so there’s no real reason to go, right?

… you were going to go, but something came up at the last minute.

Those may be true, but the real reason may be something else. You have dental anxiety.

If you do, that’s OK.

Fear of the dentist affects millions of people in the United States including thousands of people in and around Cincinnati, OH. Knowing this, we have designed a practice that works to make dental care as comfortable, pain-free, and relaxing as possible for all our patients.

We’ve helped many patients learn to manage and in time overcome their anxiety at Bell Dental Group. This isn’t something that happens overnight or in a single visit.

For most people, this is a process, and our team is here to support you on each step of that journey. Call us today 513-802-9440  to learn more about us and our approach to helping anxious patients.

Understanding Your Anxiety

One of the most important things you can do is understand the reason(s) you may feel anxious about dental care. The reasons can be quite different for different people.

For many people, their fear of the dentist started with a bad experience when they were children. They may have had a dentist who was particularly judgmental about cavities or gum problems.

Maybe you had a painful experience with a dentist who didn’t give the anesthetic enough time to take effect. You might be someone who gags easily. It’s also possible that you had a cavity, but your main memory is the harsh sound of a drill near your ears.

All of these are understandable concerns. They are also concerns we want to know about when you make an appointment with us.

When we know what you are most worried about, we can take steps to address those worries during your appointment with us.

Creating a Comforting Space

You may not think a dentist office can be comfortable or relaxing, but that may because you haven’t visited us yet.

Your physical comfort can go a long way toward helping you stay calm. It’s the reason we provide refreshments for our visitors. It’s also why we are happy to share a pillow, blanket, or both for you to use during your cleaning or other care. We can provide you with earphones so you can listen to music or follow along with one of your favorite TV shows instead of listening to the sounds of dental work, too.

For patients who may need more than a pillow or a blanket, we also offer two types of dental sedation. Both options can help you stay calm, and they will prevent you from feeling pain or gagging during your cleaning, exam, or other treatment.

If you would like to know about inhaled sedation (laughing gas) or oral conscious sedation, don’t hesitate to Contact us online or to call 513-802-9440 . Our team at Bell Dental Group in Cincinnati will be happy to answer your questions.

We want to help make your return to the dentist as easy as possible. The more we know about you, the more we can help.