You see it each day when you brush your teeth. The smile in your reflection is not the smile that you want to see.

You would love for your teeth to be straight, but you wonder if you are too old for orthodontic treatment. You aren’t. Millions of adults take advantage of orthodontic services each year. Many of them use Invisalign aligners to create the smiles of their dreams.

You too can see the difference that transparent aligners can make. Start by scheduling a consultation at Bell Dental Group in Cincinnati, OH. Call 513-802-9440 today to plan your visit. This could be the first step toward a better, healthier smile.

Enjoy Better Oral Health

Invisalign was originally developed with adults in mind. Many adults are hesitant to wear traditional metal braces in spite of the long-term benefits that orthodontic treatment can provide.

We understand the psychological advantages of having straight teeth. We have watched our patients’ confidence grow as they transformed crooked smiles into straight teeth. We have seen how fixing an overbite gave someone greater self-assurance. That kind of self-esteem boost can be invaluable in both your personal and professional life.

When you correct alignment issues with your teeth, you also are making it easier to keep your mouth healthy.

Look at places where your teeth overlap due to crooked teeth or where your teeth are close together due to crowding. You may not be able to clean those teeth as well as you should because of the tight spaces. However, cavity-causing bacteria can get into those small areas, which can cause a number of problems.

In a different way, a poorly aligned bite can cause unneeded wear and tear. When you have an overbite, underbite, or crossbite, your teeth may be rubbing against each other in a way that wears down your enamel over time. This can expose the softer layer of dentin inside your teeth.

By taking the time to complete orthodontic care, you make it easier to maintain your healthy smile over time. When your teeth are close by evenly spaced, you can brush and floss more effectively. This also makes professional cleanings easier. When your bite is correctly aligned, you greatly reduce the wear on your teeth, which keeps your enamel intact.

Discover a Discreet Solution

As noted above, adults are often put off by the idea of wearing braces to work or to social events. Braces are hard to hide, and they can be a distraction to others.

Invisalign has a major advantage in this regard. The aligners are clear and custom-made. As a result, these aligners are barely noticeable while you are wearing them. In fact, many patients tell us they are pleasantly surprised by how few people realize they are wearing anything on their teeth.

This isn’t the only advantage that Invisalign has in comparison to braces, however. Your aligners are made to be removed for up to a few hours each day. This means you can take them out during meals, so you don’t have to give up any of your favorite foods during your treatment.

This also makes it easier to keep up your oral hygiene routine. You can and should continue brushing and flossing daily. Just remember to clean your aligners as well before putting them back in.

Invisalign aligners also are made as a single piece of smooth plastic. This makes them less likely to irritate the soft tissues of your mouth. This also eliminates the risk of broken wires poking into your cheeks or gums or brackets coming loose from your teeth.

Begin Your Smile Transformation

This summer is a great time to begin your smile journey. For many patients, Invisalign can change your smile in about 12 months. By next summer, you could be looking at a new and more confident smile each morning in the mirror.

To get there, however, you have to get started. Your first step is visiting Bell Dental Group Call us at 513-802-9440 or schedule online to request your next appointment in Cincinnati.