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Gum Disease Explained

Did you know that as many as half of all American adults suffer from some level of gum disease?

Gum disease is an inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria between the gumline and tooth roots. There are three stages of gum disease:

  • Gingivitis, which can be reversed because the bone and soft tissue that hold teeth in place are not yet damaged.
  • Periodontitis occurs when the inflammation and infection begin to do irreversible harm to your teeth and surrounding tissue.
  • Advanced periodontitis often results in the need for teeth removal because the tooth structure and surrounding bone have become irreversibly weakened.

We provide many ways of dealing with gum disease, including surgical techniques for more severe cases. With our help, your mouth will be healthy from the gums up again!

Common Signs Of Gum Disease

In order to know for sure if you are suffering from gum disease, you should visit the Bell Dental Group for a professional assessment. That said, if you are displaying any of the symptoms below, there is a chance that you have developed gum disease:

  • Gums that bleed easily from flossing or even just brushing
  • Swollen, tender, and/or red gums
  • Teeth that feel loose
  • Persistent, chronic bad breath
  • Gums that have receded, exposing your tooth roots
  • A sudden change in how your upper and lower jaw come together
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods or beverages
  • Pain while chewing

Gum Disease Treatment Options

No matter your situation, we have a gum disease treatment that can help you. We will carefully assess the state of your gums and provide you with options so you can make the decision that is best for your smile. To determine the best method of treatment for your particular case, we will inspect the inside of your mouth using cutting-edge dental technology, including:

  • Intraoral cameras
  • Digital X-rays
  • Digital imaging systems

If your gum disease is relatively mild, we should be able to remove the affected tissue quickly and with minimal or no pain using our PerioLase dental lasers that deliver LANAP therapy. After a brief healing period, your gums will regrow healthy tissue.

Another option for getting rid of the bacteria that causes gum inflammation is using two special processes:

  • Scaling is a method of deep cleaning between your gumline and tooth roots.
  • Root planing is a process of smoothing your tooth roots, making them a less hospitable site for bacteria to collect.

If your gum disease has progressed to advanced stages, we can also provide a  surgical gum disease treatment right here in our Cincinnati, OH dental office. In this situation, we will conduct a thorough exam to determine if this is the best option. Then we will repair or replace your:

  • Jawbone structure
  • Soft tissue
  • Periodontal (gum) ligament

We will take the time to clearly explain every step in detail so you will know exactly what to expect.

To keep your gums healthy and ensure that your gum disease does not return, we can also provide a treatment called Perio Protect. Just fill these custom mouthguard-like trays with the medicine and wear them for about 10-15 minutes a day to prevent further issues.

Anesthesia, Comfort Options, Dental Sedation

To ensure that your treatments are as pain-free as possible, we have equipped our office with a variety of dental tools and amenities.

If there is any chance of discomfort during your treatment, we will do our best to prevent it using our computer-assisted anesthesia delivery system. The area will be numb within moments so we can restore your healthy smile.

We can also make your visit more pleasant by providing various comfort options, including:

  • Cozy neck pillows
  • Warm blankets
  • A coffee and beverage station in our reception area
  • TVs and headphones in every care room

If you are feeling anxious, we can also help relieve your dental anxiety with dental sedation options, including nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation in pill form.

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