Excitement is building in Cincinnati, OH about the upcoming Invisalign Event we told you about in our last dental blog. Our team at Bell Dental Group can’t wait to see you this October to begin your life-changing smile transformation.

But we know that simply telling you about the special perks we’re offering to those who want to explore this innovative clear aligners system will never motivate you quite like hearing directly from one of our happy patients who experienced it firsthand.

Meet Ogleka! In her video testimonial, you’ll hear why she chose to straighten her teeth with Invisalign and how she feels about her smile now.

It’s clear that Ogleka can’t hold back her radiant new smile, and you won’t be able to watch without smiling right along with her.

Let her story inspire you to finally create the straight, confident smile you’ve always wanted!

And be sure to visit us this October to enjoy benefits like:

  • A complimentary Invisalign consultation*
  • A matched down payment of up to $750**
  • 5% off of treatment (up to a $274 value)***
  • Free teeth whitening as a finishing touch!

Call Bell Dental Group at 513-802-9440 for more details. You can also fill out our online form to schedule an Invisalign consultation.

*Call if you need to request a virtual consultation.

**Offer valid if you close on treatment by the end of the Invisalign event.

***Offer valid if you move forward with treatment the same day as your consultation.