It’s officially the New Year, and you know what that means: People all over the country are hitting the gym and watching what they eat. If you’re among those who have resolved to prioritize their health in 2018, partner with the highly skilled professionals at Bell Dental Group to maintain a healthy smile while getting in shape!

At Bell Dental Group, we’re here to cheer you on toward improved health with excellent preventative care! Your oral health reflects and influences your overall wellness, so it’s important to keep up with routine checkups and cleanings. We can even help you out with nutritional counseling to help you stay on track.

Read on for ways to set yourself up for success when it comes to your health, both in 2018 and in the years to come! Then, call our Cincinnati, OH office at 513-802-9440 to schedule an appointment.

1. Hydrate.

You’ve probably heard that it’s important to drink water before, during, and after your workouts to prevent dehydration. But did you know that drinking plenty of water also benefits your dental health because it discourages bacterial buildup inside your mouth? And studies suggest that it’s especially important if you’re upping your activity levels.

One study conducted by German researchers found that endurance athletes experienced a decrease in saliva production after a workout. Additionally, endurance athletes were more likely to have more cavities than non-athletes, regardless of whether they predominantly consumed water or sports drinks.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that strenuous activity is bad for your dental health, the study’s authors said. But it does illustrate why you should increase your water intake if you’re lifting heavier or running farther.

Saliva helps prevent cavities by removing food particles that might otherwise stick to your teeth and attract the nasty bacteria that cause tooth decay. If you’re exercising more and your saliva production is down, drinking extra water can help take the place of that lost saliva.

2. Make High-Fiber Veggies Your Go-To Snack.

If you’re exercising more than usual, it’s easy to justify a not-so-healthy snack. But in order to avoid derailing your diet goals and your dental health, try reaching for high-fiber fruits and vegetables with a high water content. This includes:

  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Celery

The fiber will make you feel full, the crunch will satisfy, and the high water content will help remove food debris that attracts bacteria.

3. Protect Your Teeth With A Mouthguard.

In an attempt to exercise more, have you picked up a contact sport like boxing or hockey? If so, consider getting a professionally made mouthguard from Bell Dental Group to prevent a dental injury.

You might be tempted to just buy one from your local sporting goods store, but the key to an athletic mouthguard’s efficacy is in its fit. And only a professional can ensure that your mouthguard fits properly.

Think of your mouthguard as a small insurance policy; investing in one now can help prevent costly dental emergencies later on.

4. Use Your Nighttime Teeth Cleaning Habits As A Diet Tool.

It might seem silly, but your evening brushing and flossing routine can be used to discourage snacking. If you easily fall prey to nighttime snack cravings, try brushing and flossing earlier than you usually do.

It doesn’t work for everyone, but this slight adjustment to your schedule might make you stop and think, “Maybe I don’t need that midnight snack after all.”

5. Watch Out For Sugary Sports Drinks And Chewy Protein Bars.

If you’re looking to quickly refuel after going hard at the gym, you might reach for a sugar sports drink or a protein bar. But both of those things can be detrimental to your smile if they’re consumed carelessly.

Sugar is one of the primary drivers of tooth decay and cavities. That’s because plaque-causing bacteria love it when sugar lingers on the surfaces of teeth. When the bacteria consume those sugars, they produce a weak acid that wears away at your enamel, the hard outer layer of your teeth.

Try to limit your intake of sports drinks. Water is a better choice. Or, if you really need the sports drink to refuel, drink some water afterward to remove any leftover sugars.

Protein bars can also be packed with sugar, but you should especially avoid them if you have had extensive dental work. Dense, chewy protein bars can damage your dental restorations.

Maintain A Healthy Smile While Getting In Shape

We’re so glad you’re working toward becoming a happier and healthier you in 2018.

Don’t forget that just like caring for the rest of your body, achieving and maintaining a healthy smile takes a little bit of effort. But at Bell Dental Group, we strive to make it easy for you!

Give us a call at 513-802-9440 to schedule an appointment, or use our convenient online form.