How to Get a Beautiful Smile You’ll Love [INFOGRAPHIC]

Valentine’s Day is a chance to show our affection to someone special in our lives, or someone we hope may become a bigger part of our lives. On that holiday, we often dress to impress – a new outfit, a new haircut, a manicure, the whole works. But how much attention do we give our smiles? If you don’t love your pearly whites, we can help you find out how to get a beautiful smile. A ...

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Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign’s Clear Teeth Aligners [VIDEO]

If orthodontics makes you think of old-fashioned metal braces, then think again! Bell Dental group in Cincinnati straightens teeth using clear teeth aligners from Invisalign. This innovative method: Contains no metal whatsoever Can straighten your teeth in as few as 12 months Won’t cause you embarrassment at school or work Is comfortable and won’t irritate your mouth like braces ...

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A Year Of Cosmetic Dentistry [BLOG COLLECTION]

What are your hopes and dreams for 2019? Is there a new career path you want to pursue? A new hobby? A new relationship? A more fulfilling life? It doesn’t matter what you hope to achieve this year. Something that will always help you reach your goals is confidence, and nothing boosts confidence like a healthy, beautiful smile! Our team at Bell Dental Group wants to help you get ...

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Gum Disease: Are You Safe? [QUIZ]

Many people resolve to live healthier at the start of each new year, but often, that only means eating better and exercising more. While those are noble resolutions, a healthy body also requires a healthy mouth. So let our team at Bell Dental Group help you reach your New Year’s goals of better health with gum disease prevention and treatment! Take our quiz to see if you know how to ...

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Yes, Invisalign Actually Works! [PHOTO]

They say if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. But that’s not the case with Invisalign at Bell Dental Group! You can get the results you want with this orthodontic innovation, and if you still don’t believe it, just take a look at one of our many Invisalign success cases in Cincinnati, OH. This clear aligner therapy takes less time than standard braces, and it’s more ...

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For A Quick Smile Fix, Consider Tooth Bonding! [VIDEO]

Tiny chips or cracks on your teeth can have a huge impact on your smile and self-esteem. That’s why patients turn to our team at Bell Dental Group for affordable, effective solutions. Listen to Dr. Charles Bell talk about tooth bonding, one of our quick cosmetic fixes for your smile! Is it right for you? Find out and call Bell Dental Group in Cincinnati, OH today at 513-802-9440 or ...

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Dental Veneers Are More Than Just A Cosmetic Fix [PHOTO]

People tend to think that solutions to dental problems fall in one of two categories: cosmetic or restorative. But believe it or not, some treatments just can’t be limited to one or the other, like dental veneers at Bell Dental Group! Check out this example from our smile gallery, and you’ll see that veneers are so much more than a cosmetic fix. They can make your smile healthy, ...

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Hear How You Can Get Whiter Teeth This Year! [VIDEO]

Happy New Year! Our team at Bell Dental Group wants to make 2019 a great year for you by brightening up your smile and boosting your confidence. We can do that quickly and easily with teeth whitening treatment in Cincinnati, OH! Hear about your various options from one of our skilled dentists, Dr. David Bell, and visit us to find out which one is best for you! Call Bell Dental Group ...

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What You Need to Know About Sleep Apnea & Sleep Loss

Do you wake up feeling tired and grumpy? Does your bed partner complain that you snore all night long? If so, these are signs that you could be suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep loss and lack of good quality sleep are far too common. One study found that as many as 4 percent of women and 9 percent of men overall have obstructive sleep apnea. But that figure may not tell the whole story – a ...

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Choose Implants to Replace Your Missing Teeth

If you’re tired of dealing with missing teeth, then you should keep reading! It’s certainly no fun having to pick and choose what you eat – especially when you and your family are trying out a hot new restaurant in town. It’s also no fun feeling embarrassed to show others your full smile because you know it has gaps in it. It’s time to put and end to a bland diet and hiding your ...

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How Well Do You Know the Basics of Smile Care? [QUIZ]

Regular checkups and good oral hygiene are basics of smile care that will help keep your smile looking white, bright and attractive. In addition, Bell Dental Group offers an assortment of dental services for your entire family, including: Cosmetic dentistry like ...

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Get Your Smile Ready For Wedding Season

Springtime is finally here in Cincinnati. You know what that means, don’t you? Wedding season is fast approaching! Before you know it, all across the area brides and grooms will be walking down the aisle to the sound of pianos and organs. So, how does that relate ...

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