Crisp air, red and orange trees, pumpkin spice latte, and football. These are a few of our favorite things about fall! We really love to cheer on our local football teams, but we also want the players to stay safe on the field. That’s why we design custom sports guards in Cincinnati.

A custom athletic mouthguard is superior to a store-bought mouthguard. It:

  • Protects better.
  • Fits better.
  • Is more comfortable.
  • Is easier to talk with.
  • Is made of better materials.
  • Is durable and longer lasting.
  • Is made according to the sport.
  • Can be made for athletes wearing braces.
  • Requires no boiling.

Athletic mouthguards are crucial when it comes to dental injury prevention. According to research, over 3 out of 4 athletes prevent minor dental trauma, and over 4 out of 5 prevent major trauma. We think those are pretty good odds!

Keep your kids’ smiles intact and keep emergencies at bay. Call Bell Dental Group for custom sports guards fittings at 513-802-9440 . You can also request your appointment online. Take a second now to watch an old public service announcement on mouthguards from the ADA!