If you’re getting ready for the school year, you’re probably more focused on new shoes and notebooks than on seeing the dentist. Yet your family members will feel more confident if they look and feel good when they return to class. At Bell Dental Group we’re happy to get their smiles in great shape with back to school dental care.

At our Cincinnati office our team can help with:

  • Getting Exams Done Before Classes Start – Schedule your family’s exams now to avoid the last-minute rush that typically happens right before classes begin. Remember, we offer hours as early as 7:30 a.m. and as late as 7:30 p.m. so you can see us when it’s most convenient for you. If we find small problems like cavities, we can take care of them before your child returns to class.
  • Straightening Smiles – While Invisalign is easier to get used to than braces, It’s still a great idea to begin your child’s treatment before school starts. They’ll feel less self-conscious if they’ve had a chance to get used to the changes in their smile and their dental care before spending time with new teachers and classmates.
  • Making Smiles More Attractive – The school year is filled with social and academic opportunities like joining clubs and pursuing internships. No matter which activities your family members are involved in, you want them to feel confident when they smile. Schedule teeth whitening or other cosmetic treatments before they go back to class.
  • Preventing Athletic Injuries – If your kids play sports, they need mouthguards to protect their teeth on the playing field. Our custom mouthguards are made using impressions of your child’s teeth so they fit better than products purchased from a store.

If you need back to school dental care, call us today at 513-802-9440 .