The end of the year will be here before you know it, and when the year ends so do this year’s dental benefits. You pay for your dental insurance, so why leave money on the table when you can use this year’s benefits to help yourself or your family? At Bell Dental Group in Cincinnati, OH, we’ll help you get the most out of your dental insurance before the year ends.

What’s In Your Insurance Policy?

Dental insurance is something that people don’t think about much until they need it. While the vast majority of dental insurance policies only cover necessary treatment, that still offers a lot of possibilities to maximize your benefits this year.

Dental cleanings and examinations are covered under almost everyone’s policy. If you or a family member is overdue for a checkup, now is the time to make that happen! Call our Cincinnati, OH office at 513-802-9440 for an appointment. If you have children, a cleaning and examination now may prevent problems during the coming school term.

It’s also the holiday season, and parties and family get-togethers will be going on. Why not attend with sparkling, healthy teeth?

Dental restorations and repairs to restorations are almost always covered procedures. If you’ve got a chipped dental crown or dental bridge, or a filling has deteriorated, that’s a great use of your current dental benefits. Having those repairs or replacement now now will allow you to maximize next year’s benefits.

One thing that people don’t associate with dentistry is loud, chronic snoring that interferes with refreshing sleep. Not all cases of snoring are due to sleep apnea, but many are. Sleep apnea is a potentially serious condition that can cause a host of health problems and seriously impact the snorer’s quality of life. Bell Dental Group offers effective treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea. We’ll be happy to help you determine whether treatment for that condition is covered.

Save Money By Acting Now

Let’s face it – dental problems hardly ever clear up on their own. Another fact of life is that costs go up a whole lot more than they go down. If you delay needed treatment until next year, you’re allowing that problems or problems to get worse. More involved treatment means more money out of your pocket.

At Bell Dental Group, we make every effort to “hold the line” on cost increases, and we’re always looking for ways to save our patients money. But there’s no telling what will happen to the cost of dental materials next year, except to say that they’re unlikely to go down. Take care of any dental issue for you or your family now.

They’re Your Benefits – Use Them!

Don’t leave money on the table if you don’t have to. Call Bell Dental Group in Cincinnati, OH today at 513-802-9440 . You can also fill out our  online form  to request an appointment.

We’ll help you get the most out of the dental insurance policy you pay for – this year, and every year.