With summer in full swing, many of you are no doubt busy planning your vacations. It’s the annual rite of the season. You’ve worked hard all year, so now it’s time for a little rest and relaxation.

During all your planning, have you given any thought to your smile? If not, now is the perfect time. If your teeth are in bad shape – they’re badly stained, chipped, pitted, or even have small gaps – dental veneers from Bell Dental Group in Cincinnati are a quick fix!

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Plan For a New Smile

If you’ve spent any time at all planning your vacation, you know it involves a lot more than just packing a bag and heading out the door. You may be busy finding the best deals on flights, rental cars, hotels, cruises, and fun activities to do.

You’ve probably been to the mall or other stores shopping for new clothes, shoes, and vacation accessories like sunglasses, new phones, and other gadgets.

Maybe you have kids going on vacation with you. Preparing for that can be a whole other experience in itself. Not only do you have to get your own things packed, you have to make sure they have everything they need as well.

You want everything to go off without a hitch during your vacation, so you’re taking time to plan ahead.

Why not do the same for your smile? After all, it’s going on vacation with you to the ocean, the woods, the city, or to Aunt Ethel’s house.

Make sure that it’s as beautiful and perfect as it can be, too. New veneers can give you a radiant, flaw-free vacation smile to go along with your new outfits, shoes, and other accessories.

Take time now to come in for your veneers consultation and you can have a brand new smile in no time!

Veneers Make Quick Work of Imperfect Teeth

People sometimes refer to dental veneers as “instant orthodontics” because they can take a dull, drab smile and quickly transform it into a beautiful work of art.

Veneers are very thin, wafer-like shells of porcelain that we custom-fit to the front of your teeth. They work great to conceal all sorts of tooth flaws, including chips, cracks or fractures, stains, worn teeth, uneven teeth, and gapped teeth.

Porcelain looks very similar to your natural teeth, so your new veneers will blend in well and not look out of place, especially when placed by our skilled dentists – several of whom have completed advanced cosmetic dentistry training.

You can relax knowing that your one and only smile is in good hands at Bell Dental Group.

You can also feel better knowing that your smile will look its best for your vacation. No matter where you’re headed off to, you can flash your smile with pride instead of hiding it behind your hand out of embarrassment.

Getting Veneers is a Simple Process

If you’d like to improve your smile with veneers, the first thing to do is schedule an appointment with one of our dentists.

We will examine your teeth and gums, take some low-radiation digital X-rays,  and discuss your smile goals with you. From there, we’ll lay out your options for veneers, as well as other cosmetic treatments that could benefit your smile.

Then our dentist will remove a small amount of tooth enamel to make room for your new veneers. Depending on your situation, you may be a good candidate for DURAthin veneers, which are ultra-thin and require little if any enamel removal before placement.

Then we will make impressions of your teeth so that our lab partner can custom-craft your new veneers.

Once the veneers are ready to place, you’ll return to our office. Our dentist will lightly etch each tooth that will get a veneer, as well as apply a bonding material.

Then, just like fitting together pieces of a puzzle, our dentist will carefully place each veneer, ensuring that the final fit is perfect and creates the beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming about.

You’ll walk out of our office ready to take on the world! But….your vacation awaits before that!

Leave Town With a New Grin

You can hit the beach with renewed confidence, stroll down busy Manhattan streets with better self-esteem, or just give Aunt Ethel a sly wink when she remarks how great you look these days!

And it will all be possible because of beautiful porcelain veneers from Bell Dental Group.

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