Have over-the-counter pain relievers become a constant staple on your weekly grocery list?

Have you become accustomed to carrying these medications around with you because you have to take them so often these days?

Chronic pain can profoundly deteriorate your quality of life unless you take steps to find the underlying cause.

If you’re suffering from headaches all the time, or from discomfort in your jaw when chewing, speaking, or laughing, there could be more going on that, surprisingly to many, can actually be treated by your dentist!

We’re talking about treatment for TMJ disorder, or TMD, and teeth grinding at Bell Dental Group in Cincinnati, OH!

Why TMD Is Such A Pain

There’s more to chronic pain than the physical toll it takes on you.

It’s actually just as much an emotional and psychological burden because the constant pain can steal the joy and pleasure from your life. You can’t very well live the life you want if you’re always preoccupied with pain and discomfort, and that will undoubtedly weigh on you.

Here are some common signs that you might have TMD or that you’re grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw unwittingly:

*Clicking sounds when you open and close your mouth.


*Persistent headaches or migraines

*Muscle tension or soreness in your face, jaw, neck, and shoulders

*Earache pain

*Worn down or damaged teeth

The good news is that these aren’t symptoms you have to suffer anymore!

Not when you trust our team at Bell Dental Group for lasting solutions that work!

How Your Cincinnati Dentist Can Help!

Rather than settling for a life with chronic pain and trying to always stay ahead of it with ineffective OTC pain relievers, you can find lasting solutions at Bell Dental Group.

One of the reasons you might spend too long suffering from TMD and teeth grinding symptoms is that you don’t even realize you’re putting significant pressure on your jaw joint.

That’s because TMD and teeth grinding will often manifest while you’re sleeping. Unless your sleep partner tells you you’re doing it, you may just go on with your life assuming your symptoms aren’t related or that they’re coming from the sort of issue that your dentist can actually help relieve!

In our Cincinnati, OH practice, we offer custom mouthguards and other oral appliance options for patients who are diagnosed with either of these conditions.

We find these solutions effective in not only relieving the pain and tension from your jaw, but also in allowing your jaw to heal naturally and protecting your teeth from further wear or damage.

Although teeth grinding can actually be a symptom of TMD, it doesn’t mean you should automatically assume that’s the case. Teeth grinding can be totally separate from issues with your jaw alignment, but regardless, mouthguards can be a great way to mitigate the chronic pain you’re experiencing so you can live a healthier, more enjoyable life!

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