Developing good habits now will help your kids long after they have grown up and moved out of your home.

That’s why you encourage them to clean up after themselves. (Sometimes this is probably not quite as successful as you might like.)

It’s why you teach your children to brush and floss daily, too. You know that good oral hygiene will reduce their risk of gum disease, cavities, and other more serious (and more expensive) dental problems.

Along that same line, we also hope you and your loved ones will visit Bell Dental Group in Cincinnati, OH a couple times each year for professional cleanings and exams. Regular visits to your family dentist are a habit that can make a lifetime of difference in your children’s oral and overall health.

If you haven’t yet scheduled your next oral health checkup, call us today at 513-802-9440 !

First Impressions are Important

Do you remember how you felt the first time you met your spouse? Do you remember how you felt when you interviewed for your first job out of college?

Then you understand that first impressions are important. We feel that same way anytime a new patient comes to our office. It’s especially important when that patient to us when that patient is a child.

We want your kiddo to know that we are here to help. It’s why we make an effort to make your son or daughter’s first official dental visit feel like a special occasion.

We recommend bringing your child to see us for the first time around his or her second birthday. At the same time, we understand that some children are going to be excited about going to the dentist and others will be nervous. With this in mind, we only do what your child is comfortable with us doing especially at the beginning.

For us, this first appointment is more about starting to build a relationship than it is about doing a cleaning. Don’t get us wrong, we would love to exam his or her teeth if we can. However, if it takes a few visits until your daughter or son is ready for a cleaning, that’s OK, too.

Keep in mind that your child’s visits also are great opportunities for you as a parent to ask any questions about what you can do to help encourage good oral health at home.

Easing Anxiety

Before we keep going, we need to address an issue that affects adults as well as kids.

Dental anxiety or fear can make it difficult for anyone to sit in a dentist’s chair. If you struggle with dental anxiety as an adult, that can sometimes rub off on your kids.

If you have struggled with fear of the dentist yourself, we can help you ease back into an exam chair.

This starts with the compassion you will feel from our caring team of dental professionals. Be sure to ask about our comfort options as well. Sometimes have a pillow to rest your head or a blanket to keep you warm and cozy can help you relax.

If you are bothered by the sounds of dentistry, we would be happy to let you borrow some headphones. That way you can listen to music instead. We can even connect your headphones to one of our televisions so you can watch one of your favorite shows while we do what we do.

If that isn’t enough to help you relax, we also offer two forms of dental sedation.

Laughing gas (inhaled sedation) has been used by dentists and other health professional for more than a century. It’s a fast, effective, and safe way to help patients of all ages remain calm and pain-free throughout their care.

For something a little stronger, we also offer oral conscious sedation. This is a pill that you can take prior to your appointment. We will make sure you are feeling its effects before we begin your cleaning or other care. Just know that with oral sedation, you will need someone else to drive you to and from your appointment.

Keeping Up with Your Exams

We know that some people are hesitant to go to the dentist because their old dentist was highly critical of any dental problems. It’s almost like going to the dentist was like getting called into the dentist office.

We don’t want you to feel that way when you visit us. Our team is here to support you in your efforts to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

None of us are perfect. In fact, a vast majority of people have oral health problems at one time or another. According to national health agencies, more than 90 percent of Americans will have at least one cavity in their lives, and nearly half of adults will develop periodontitis, which is an advanced form of gum disease. When you include gingivitis (a mild form of gum disease), that figure is well over half of the population.

By coming in for regular exams, we are more likely to catch those problems in the early stages. This is when treatments are more effective and less expensive.

You won’t get a lecture if we find something wrong. Instead, we’ll discuss your situation and your options, so you can find the best treatment for you.

Ready to Help at Every Stage of Life

As your kids get older, their dental needs will change. Likewise, your needs will change as you get older as well.

Kids generally start losing their primary teeth around age 6 or 7. Most kids will have most of their permanent or “adult” teeth by the time they are 12 or 13. In between those ages, a lot of changes will be taking place as their mouths keep bigger, old teeth fall out, and new ones erupt.

That makes this a particularly important time to keep up with your kids’ regular exams.

We can use our digital X-rays to monitor those changes carefully. You’ll also be happy to know that digital X-ray machines use a fraction of the radiation that old film machines did. This is safer for you and your family and for our team members who perform take those X-rays.

Get to Know Us

You want to bring your kids someplace where you and they feel comfortable. You want to know that our staff will treat your entire family with care and compassion.

We are confident that’s what you’ll find if you visit us at our Cincinnati, OH dentist office. Every member of our Bell Dental Group team is here to help. To make an appointment or to learn more about us, contact us online or call 513-802-9440 .