We understand why you might be reluctant about orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth. It’s a tough decision, especially if you’re an adult who worries about how you might look wearing braces.

We have exciting news for you!

Your friends at Bell Dental Group are hosting a special Invisalign Event through the entire month of October in our Cincinnati, OH dental practice.

We invite you to join us and learn about the awesome advantages of Invisalign, a series of clear aligners that straighten teeth and corrects bite problems faster and more comfortably than traditional orthodontics.

The best part is that the aligners are removable and incredibly discreet, so you can maintain your appearance throughout treatment without making any big changes to your routine, diet, or lifestyle.

To sweeten the deal, new Invisalign patients can take advantage of these special benefits throughout our October event:

  • A free consultation and 5% discount (up to a $274 value) if you commit to treatment that same day*
  • Close on treatment by the end of the event, and we’ll match up to $750 of your down payment
  • Enjoy complimentary teeth whitening at the end of your treatment to give your new smile a finishing touch!

For more information about this special event, call Bell Dental Group at 513-802-9440 or use our online form to schedule your complimentary Invisalign consultation now!

*Call if you have questions or need to set up a virtual consultation.

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